“ If it is acceptable to use military force against civilian airliners because a person of interest to a government is on board, where exactly would that logic stop?”


I was again marveling, as I have on many an occasion, how as a society we all pretty much follow the rules of the road when driving. I dare not think where the use of military force might lead.

When I heard that Lukasenko was accusing the west and EU of trying to isolate Belarus, I thought why is no one pointing out these are natural consequences to his own actions.

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Russia has also pointed out at the apparent hypocrisy of the West in denouncing this act when, according to them, in 2013, US authorities allegedly forced a plane carring the then Bolivian leader to land in Austria. My question to you is can this be a legittimate argument? and if not, is this yet another obfuscation by Moscow and its allies?

Thank you

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