Dear Professor Snyder,

Дуже дякую Вам. Я пошірятиму це з моїми колежанками.

Several friends/colleagues (who are with bio labs and Biobank, Kharkiv) and I are now working on a Transitional Justice project proposal within which, among other things, we are focusing on a medical/clinical aspect of documentation of human rights violations/atrocities committed by the invading russian groups (I have a hard time saying “forces”) against the Ukrainians. I will be sharing more in an email.

Дуже дякую за все.


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Thank you for making it simple to help such important work.

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Thank you, Dr. Snyder, for bringing your energy and your heart to this work. Bearing witness, documenting the stories, experiences, and events of life is so important. I am not a journalist or a historian, but I know that, even on an individual basis, it is important to mark our histories. I made a small donation, and I hope to continue supporting this work too. Again, thank you.

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May 8, 2022·edited May 8, 2022

Having very limited time right now, I only read the first couple of sentences before clicking on the link & making as substantial donation as I felt I could. I trust Prof Snyder to tell the truth, with a humane & informed perspective, & I think truth-telling, clarity of perception & evidence generally have become rarer, & more important than ever, in our present world. If he recommends this documentation project, I want to support it! Now I've gone back & read the post, & I truly hope we who support his writing on substack will be able to participate in funding this vital work.

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A link to another article this morning.


I actually read President Zelensky's speech via Meduza this morning.

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Thank you so much for this news of the work and how to support it. This morning I was reading the Sueddeutsche Zeitung and there was a book review which may be of interest to you. Here is a link -possibly you already know of these authors and the book that has just been published.


As I read the article I was thinking about Bloodlands. Here is a question for you? What in the world can be done to urge the Germans to stop putting a definite article before the name Ukraine. There is no article before Russland, Belarus or Polen, among others. I have no idea where to begin on this but maybe all of you working together can figure this one out.

It was also quite stunning to hear President Zelensky's speech today - there was an English translation of sorts and also a translation in Die Zeit in German, which I can read.

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I don't have an organization behind me, but I am hoping to document some of the stories from women and children who have fled Ukraine, while I'm volunteering in Moldova.

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Ideas matter. Language matters as Professor Snyder has said many times.Victimization propaganda results in horrible consequences & death as seen by Nazis attack on Poland in 1939 and Russia's preemptive attack on Ukraine in February as a self defense mechanism. Also see Bush & Iraq in 2003. Get them before they get us. Putin's perception of history & reality have been shaped by strange philosophy with mother Russia as center of imperfect world and its quest to make it right. Ivan Ilyin & Alexander Dugin helped shape Putin's world view that rises almost to the level of religious war. US too undergoing a similar war of grievance shaped by perception of frozen history and how it devolved to the present. Ideas matter. Death & suffering can result. Judge Alito puts into words his perception of history that must be rewound to save America from perversions of the present. A religious war. Restoring an order and morality that existed centuries ago excluding many from rule of law. Again Professor Snyder has said frequently that Russia is where US is headed. There will be much suffering in this battle by forces to push Russia & US into politics of eternity

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