Podcasts are coming

I will be making contact in new ways, starting soon

Thank you very much for being part of this new project! The format has allowed me to write in a timely way about issues before and as they were in the news (Belarus, for example), as well as to reflect on broader issues, and finally to simply do some creation that might not otherwise have a home (notes on parenting, sports writing, poetry translation). I read your emails and your comments, and future writing will reflect them.

I wanted to announce three ways that this newsletter will extend and expand in days, weeks and months to come. I will announce numbers 2 and 3 again when it they are about to commence; but I wanted to give all of you some lead time, and a chance to think about whether these things will interest you.

(1) Audio versions of posts. Starting very soon, I will be releasing podcast versions of all written posts, for paid subscribers. I will drop versions of all previous posts, read my me, in the days to come. In the future, I will release audio versions of new written material as I go.

(2) On Tyranny series. I have updated my book On Tyranny to reflect the events of late 2020 and early 2021.

Twenty-seven of the forty or so covers of On Tyranny. I will show you the cover of the illustrated edition, and some of the illustrations, in posts to come.

I am very proud to announce that this text of On Tyranny will be accompanied, in a new graphic edition, by illustrations from the fantastic artist Nora Krug. The illustrations are stunning in their own right, and not only complement but deepen the text. As a kind of extended announcement of the new graphic edition, which is appearing on 5 October, I will be doing a weekly miniseries here, in audio and video, in which I reconsider, from today’s perspective, each of the twenty lessons. The audio version will be there for everyone, the video for paid subscribers.

(3) Live interactive threads. Towards the end of summer, likely in September, I will also begin doing live interactive threads on a regular basis, with those of you who choose to subscribe as founding members. I will also do occasional threads with subscribers.

To sum up: I am just adding things. I am not taking anything away. The writing will keep coming! Thank you for being there, for reading, and for reacting.